Bell Morgan was a Bull among bulls, raised on the grasslands of Southern Africa. He came into his own and lived a most idyllic life under the watchful eye of a young farmer.

The young farmer had bought the bull as a calf from a neighbour. He had not cost a lot as no one expected too much from the young bull. As if grateful that the young farmer had taken pity on him, saving him from what is many a young bulls fate, the young bull grew in return. You could say the young farmer and the young Bull had raised each other. So happy was the young farmer that he named him Bell Morgan.

Bell Morgan had truly grown into a magnificent bull. Unlike the other bulls and cattle in the area, he grew large horns, that ran linear to his head and slightly arched in the middle.  So calm and collected was the Bull that the young farmer had seen no reason to restrict the horns in any way.

As time went by, Bell Morgan was talked about for miles around. Many people came from near and far to see the Bull that stood nearly 2m high and 1m wide. The most remarkable thing was how gentle the Bull was. People could pet him, small children could climb up on him, he did not mind.  The young farmer grew a herd of cattle around Bell Morgan and the farm prospered.

Now, this is a great story but it is not the stuff legends are made of. I told you this was a legend, so let’s get into that…

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