Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

Where can I get a pair of Bell Morgan Shoes?
Contact us by email or call +27 66 486 8625. We are also available on Instagram and facebook. All our products are available on line here. We also do frequent markets and shows. Contact us for an update on our calendar. We are open to chat anytime.

I am looking for a product but I can’t find it online – how can I order it?
Please contact our Customer Service team by email  or call +27 66 486 8625 They will be able to help you locate any of our products.

Where are your products made?
All our shoes are uniquely hand made in our leather factory, on a farm just out side Pretoria South Africa. The factory has been running for nearly a decade. Striving not only for excellence in craftsmanship, we also strive for the empowerment of our local community and employees, most of whom are single mothers.

How are your shoes made?
Bell Morgan shoes and boots are made using the finest South African sources leather and finishes. We value local and luxury craftsmanship. Our patterns are classic styles that have been upgraded for our modern world. We use a combination of different techniques to achieve this harmonious balance between old school and new school excellence.

What leather do you us?
We only use the best quality South African leather. The unique properties of leather allow the greatest flexibility, durability and over all health of your footwear. Products made well from proper materials will last longer and work harder. Our upper leather is a full grain bovine (cow) leather, sourced from local South African tanners. We line our shoes in part with bovine nappa and our insoles are bovine veg tan leather. These three different tanning finishes are uniquely chosen for the role they play in the shoe coming together. The high quality and combination of our leather results in a superior product for you.

Why are your shoes more expensive then other vellies?
With over a decade of shoe making experience we have seen and made a lot of shoes. Bell Morgan shoes are not quick fashion. Everything about our shoes has been carefully considered and planned to offer a shoe worthy of an African adventure. We want that adventure to be everything from the boardroom to the bush. Our shoes are made to last, not to be replaced in 6 months.

Do you make shoes for woman?
We don’t consider our shoes specifically for anyone and there is nothing in the shoe stopping the better sex from lacing up and getting out there. If you want them have them just don’t ask us to make you something else. We will happily direct you to for great South African made shoes with a more female temperament.

Can you make shoes for wide feet?
Our shoes are wider than conventional shoes but if you are concerned please email us on and we can send you a size indication or alternatively we will instruct you on how to measure your foot to check to fit.

How do I know which size to order?
Our sizes are standard. We do not recommend you order a size bigger or smaller to compensate for the leather. When choosing your products online, please check any sizing queries against our measurement chart. We have a size chart and an at home measuring guide to help you clearly determine the best size for you.

Measuring chart

Measurement / Size

24.1cm / size 6

24.8cm / size 7

25.7cm / size 8

26.7cm / size 9

27.3cm / size 10

28.3cm / size 11

29.4cm / size 12

30.2cm / size 13

Foot is measured from heel to toe flat on floor. A stencil can be made using a piece of paper and a pencil. Hold the pencil at a straight 90-degree angle as you trace around the standing foot.

My foot measurements are in between two different shoe sizes of the sizing table. What should I do?
The best rule of thumb is to order to the larger size. It is easy to adapt a slightly roomier shoe by inserting an insole for a better fit and comfort.

One of my feet is bigger than the other. What size should I order?
This is quite normal. We recommend ordering the larger of the two sizes.

How do I make a purchase?
You can shop here 
Once you have found an item, choose your size and click on the ‘ADD TO CART’ button on the product page.
Review the items in your shopping CART by clicking the ‘SHOPPING CART’ icon at the top of the page.
Click on ‘CHECKOUT’ button to complete your order.

I’m having trouble placing my order online. 
If you are having difficulties placing your order online, there are a number of options, you can email or call us on  or call +27 66 486 8625.

I would like to place an order, but I live overseas, how do I go about this? 
We currently only ship in South Africa. We will be expanding soon but in the meantime please contact us on  or call +27 66 486 8625 with any queries for your particular region.

Once I have placed my order, can I change it?
Once you have placed your order you will not be able to change it online, however you can email or call +27 66 486 8625 and we may be able to assist you if your order has not been fulfilled.

Can I track my order?
Our courier partner MDS collivery offer tracking, you will receive an email once your order is shipped with a link to track your delivery.

Which payment methods do you accept?
Please visit our Payment page for more information.

Can I pay by EFT?
Please contact us by email or call +27 66 486 8625 to discuss alternative payment by EFT.

Is it safe to use my credit card online?
Yes, we have partnered with Payfast, a leading payment protection and security solution to ensure you are protected when purchasing online.

Can I choose the currency I pay in?
All products on the website are displayed in RSA Rand only. Please contact  or call +27 66 486 8625 should you wish to make alternative payment.

Can I pay via lay-by?
We do not currently accept lay-by through our online store.

When can I expect delivery of my order?
Estimated delivery timeframes for all regions with in South Africa are 3 – 7 business days.

Once I have placed my order, can I change my shipping address?
Once you have placed your order you will not be able to change the shipping address online, however you can contact our Customer Service team by email or call +27 66 486 8625 who may be able to assist if your order has not already been dispatched.

Do I need to sign for my delivery?
Yes, all orders must be signed for on delivery.

Do you have a store?
We currently do not have our own retail store. You may make an appointment to visit us at the factory store during weekdays 9-4. We are also available at markets and shows through out the year. Please contact us or follow our social media pages to find out where and when. We do have third party stores that stock our products. Please contact us to find out if there is one near you.

Do you sell in other shops?
We do! Please contact us to find out if there is one near you. We are open to wholesale orders. Please contact us for more details if you are keen to be a wholesale buyer.

How can I go about returning my Products I purchased online.
Please visit our Returns page for more information.

I’ve placed an order but received the incorrect size?
If you have received a size that does not reflect your original order, please follow the steps on our Returns page and highlight that you have received the wrong size as the reason for your return. We will arrange an exchange at no extra cost.

I need to exchange an item as I chose the wrong size/colour/product. How do I do this? Why do I have to pay for postage to get it to you and then pay to get it back to me again? 
If you would like to exchange an item, you will need to return the original item and repurchase your preferred size/colour/product.

What’s the best way to break in my shoes?

  • New shoes will feel tight. Shoe extension and stretch can be as much as 7mm on each side of the foot and can take a few weeks.
  • We recommend walking through wet grass or spraying your shoes with water should the fit not settle in a day or two. The moisture will allow the leather to expand and form around your foot. If possible allow the shoe to dry on your feet or alternatively remove carefully and allow drying over 24 hours. Quality leather shoes can require a full day to dry out from natural perspiration.
  • If your footwear becomes saturated with water, allow them to dry naturally; never use direct or forced heat, as this will damage the upper and may damage the sole.
  • Mud or dirt should be removed from footwear when still wet, using a damp cloth and then waiting until dry before cleaning and polishing. Or with a dry brush if it has dried and caked on the shoe before cleaning and polishing.

How do I care for my leather shoes?

  • Bell Morgan 189 Leather Keep should be applied regularly to leather footwear (every six weeks or after hard veldt work). This will help maintain supple leather uppers and prevent cracking and excessive creasing.
  • Bell Morgan 189 Leather Keep is a water based polish and should be used to maintain the life of your leather products.
  • The use of any alcohol or oil based care products may cause damage to the leather that could result in dried out leather, tearing and cracking.
  • We strongly discourage the use of DUBIN or Bees wax despite what your Oupa told you.

What is the best way to store my shoes?
Products that have gotten wet or stored in humid environments must be dried naturally before storing, and must have adequate ventilation to avoid the growth of mould on the leather. Ensure shoes are properly dried and cleaned before storing even for a short period of time.

How do I get my shoes repaired? 
The seasonal and punctual repair and care of your shoes is an honorable custom worth the time and effort.  Do not leave damage or strain to get worse before fixing. Bell Morgan offers a factory repair service using the same methods that were employed in the original making of your shoes.
Find out more information on shoe repair and care here.

How long does it take for a shoe repair service?
Depending on the urgency of your repairs and what is required this service typically takes 2 – 6 weeks.

I would like to send a Gift Card to a friend, how can I do this? 
You can find out more about purchasing Gift Cards online here.

Can I use my Gift Card online? 
Yes, simply enter your Gift Card number at the checkout.

Can I use more than one Gift Card in one online order? 
No, you can only use one gift card per transaction at the online store.

Can I get an email copy of a Gift Card?
Unfortunately, we only offer physical Gift Cards.

Where can I redeem my Gift Card?
Gift cards are redeemable on the Bell Morgan website at our factory store and any of our pop up markets or Shows. Please note you cannot use Bell Morgan Gift Cards in Partner stores or independent stockists.

How many Gift Cards can I buy at one time?
There is no limit to how many Gift Cards you can purchase at one time.


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